Monday, August 31, 2009

Retro-Blog; 28 August 2009 NEFAS and the NFTB

I have joined two significant groups this month. The North East Florida Astronomical Society, and the North Florida Trailblazers. The reasoning behind this will come in a later blog. (a.k.a. cheesy way to keep you reading these things!)

I am really glad that NEAS is still around. I checked them out 11 years ago but ended up traveling a lot after that. In my newly resurrected astronomy journal I was amazed at how much time had passed.

But this being the Age of Way-Too-Much-information finding them again was easy. Lo and behold… they had a meeting a few days after I made this little discovery. So I went!

I got there late! I entered boldly and took a seat near the front! It is part of my commitment to the International Year of Astronomy.

Awesome presentation and I adored it! Dr. Mike Reynolds gave a fantastic travelogue/dissertation about his trip about his expedition to Fiji to observe the total solar eclipse in July.

There were awards given out also, and I think it is fantastic to be part of a group that recognizes the achievement of its members.

After all was said and done I handed them a check for membership. Truth be told I had written it when Dr. Reynolds was showing beautiful slides of the simultaneous sunrise and sunset that occurs with a total solar eclipse…

Now I only I can get them to make t-shirts and patches….

I joined the North Florida Trailblazers to enhance the survival training I give. Granted I camped a lot as a kid and some as an adult, and while I am told I am an expert in water survival training I kind of lick in land survival. I am always beating up my students to prepare themselves for just as much of a land survival scenario as a water survival. Yet I lack the critical skills they need, and I can’t provide.

Plus I have been wanting to get out into the great unknown. It is my response to Star Trek.

Unfortunately with my schedule and commitments I am probably not going to be able to hit the trails with them until October. Still in the meantime I can prepare for that expedition. Four day hike. Could be sexy!

By this point you are probably beginning to see where I got the idea or the Camping for Astronomers blogs….

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