Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dragon Con

So.... I didn't do that much related to science or camping at Dragon Con 2009, but there was much to be done on both fronts. Especially camping... that is standing in line for hours for almost everything.

In this epicenter of wonderous geekery there were solar telescopes attended by an outreach program for the Air Traffic Controllers Association, many panels regarding the status of space exploration, and even a night at the Georgia Aquarium.

But..... It is a science fiction convention and fiction must not get lost in the science, and one of my most awesome experiences was wandering around in my Steampunk Dive Suit!It was quite teh hit!!! I love it! Wait til next year when I have the other major sub-assemblies done!

I have designs to build a Moon Suit.... a Steampunk version based upon the 1966 Grumman Moon Suit so wonderfully adapted to the Major Matt Mason toy line back in the day.

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