Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Telescope for Every Child. What you Can Do.

What I love about you dear readers, and most of you are friends of mine, is I have no idea if you are actually reading any of this. I know some of you are because I you let me know. It is my hope though that if you respond it will be by supporting this effort.

So this is why this is important.

In a world with pressing issues like a neglected ecology, potential social ruin, a financial Diasporas, degrading third world countries with in our own borders, and over inflated health care why should we care if someone has a telescope? You know, it is my hope, that by seeing past our own horizon, we actually begin to see the world around us and we become appalled enough to do something about it.

Besides our children pick out our nursing homes. Our children will be the ones working said nursing homes. If we do nothing to teach them well, expand their minds and look beyond artificial boundaries we are all fundamentally screwed.

I direct your attention to the following link.

I direct your attention to the following blog written by Dr. Pamela Gay, who you may have seen at Dragon Con, and certainly have read about in some of my previous scribblings.

She makes a very passionate plea for the cause, as well as a chance to score some incredible swag in the process. This is a very easy and very simple, and incredibly affordable opportunity to provide kids from the ages of 4 to 104 something unique and of great intrinsic value.

If at a minimum help me get the word out I will be a happy man. If not, I am still going to love you. Just not like I used too…

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