Monday, October 19, 2009

Athene - My First Epic Poem

I am a HUGE fan of the Chicks in Chainmail anthologies by Margaret Wies an Esther Friesner, so I wrote this for a friend of mine that inspires such madness in me.

My majestic Athene,
Of this I wanted bad.
It was a dream
That I did not have.

Stood you stong and mighty,
In stocks and shackles!
Garbed in chainmail bikini tighty,
Waiting the pyres future cackles.

Stood I before the torch,
Prepared for the fight.
In my hand a weapon to scorch,
I ask, “Dude. Gotta light?"

“Gasp!‚ is what I hear,
Your indignation flagged!
Kill me with your peer,
Is all one can do bound and gagged.

Grin so playful,
The villain I do smash.
The torch his hand I pull,
And leave a fatal gash.

From my side unseen,
An assassin you do clock.
In his chest explodes the spleen,
The impact of the wooden block.

With haste! I free your legs,
Race away we in earnest flight.
Leaving a pack of confused dregs,
Not for long the lull in the fight.

Escape we find on dragons wings,
A beast not docile, but is it seems.
Away from danger our breath we sing,
A favor owed now redeemed.

Thank the fiery serpent with my kiss,
To shelter that of a stony shack.
To free your bonds was my wish,
Not your desire you pull back.

Wicked smile around the cloth,
You nod come here.
Leave you bound I do doth,
To devices we love so dear.

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