Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Expeditionary Failure

I am sorry readers. It’s me whining again after so short a time.

A couple blogs ago I outlined my plight about the conflicts between the hike and the day of astronomy outreach, and the decision was made for me. I figure I had here choices in the matter. A) Support and participate in the Astronomy Day events, B) Go on the full-moon hike or C) Do the day events for Astronomy Day and then leave from there and do the hike.

The funny thing is I never considered that there would be a Plan D, or the You-Are-Going-To-Get-Totally-Screwed option. My impulse drive on my 1998, at-one-time-white, VW Beetle failed to engage. Leaving me and my teenage daughter stranded in the parking lot at Town Center, after paying a Victoria’s Secret Bill. So we did what anyone else does when stranded at the mall.

Hang out at the Halloween Store, Movie Stop, Game Stop and Barnes and Noble!

We made it home sometime Saturday afternoon, but other than my much abused mountain bike (to which I am grateful for the chance to fix again.) I had no means of traveling significant distances. Well I do in the road bike I take out for anywhere between 30-60 miles at a shot a couple of times a week, but fat chance on throwing on a back pack and a 17 year-old on the handlebars and covering any significant distance.

Grin… Let me tell you about the mountain bike! I have wrecked this thing a dozen times. Mostly something mild like bunny hopping curbs, but here has been a couple of significant wrecks! One involved flipping over a bridge… Anyhow, I got it for twenty bucks at Target years ago because evidently who ever owned it before stripped off the good parts and replaced it with the bad parts. So I replaced the bad parts with ones I bought! I put some additions on it also. Head and tail lights with a generator to power them up, a rear wheel rack with a milk crate, a license plate with my Parachutist Wings. I need to replace the brakes, and the cam that holds the handle bar in place is stripping to the point where one respectful bump or wheelie if it doesn’t actually com off will twist in a way where steering is no longer an option. I have plans for the upgrades…

This all got me to thinking. Some people burn the candle at both ends, but what do they use to light them? I am pretty sure at this point my candle is a birthday cake sized candle and I am firing it up with an oxy-acetylene blow torch.

So I sat down and made an inventory of all of the great stuff I do and tried to prioritize them all. I don’t lament being a part of any of these bodies and I celebrate that fact that these groups actually want me around! My list;

- Family. My oldest daughter away to college, my youngest daughter still at home in high school, their mother my domestic partner, and her mother.
- My J.O.B.
- The Paxon High School Band Boosters.
- The Sweet Briar Outdoors Program. Not that I am a significant part of their activities, but I feel invested in the bright future and safety of these young women.
- The Cowford Steampunk Society to which I am the Mayor of.
- NEFAS, the North East Florida Astronomical Society
- NFTB, the North Florida Trailblazers, to whom I have yet to engage with.
- The Florida Garrison of the 501st Imperial Legion
- The G.I. Joe Costumers

And, every now and then try to fit in some fitness, do a modeling gig every now and then, draw, sew, paint, write cheesy space operas and steampunk fiction, watch the Big Bang Theory, and sleep.

Why don’t I have more to write about?

Now, here is the one thing I left off of the list. Camping For Astronomers. I started camping and stargazing to lend more credence to this blog. This blog is my hobby. I know right? Shouldn’t it have been the other way around!?!? Anyways I want to support it and make it something most righteous, and entertaining, and to do that I have to live a little. Provided I have a functioning vehicle.

If I have to I am thinking rocket motors on the mountain bike. Now you know the upgrade I have in mind!

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