Monday, November 30, 2009

Aftermath: The Thanksgiving Trials!

This is what is sad to say and I really shouldn’t.

I’ve been a slack ass all month. No scientific pursuits. No getting out there and enjoying the cool air that is associated with a winter in North East Florida. Minimum geekery.

My major extra curricular has been part of being a Band Booster for my daughters High School Marching Band.

I was invited to a couple of parties and blew those off. In retrospect I should have went but I have a hard time about beating myself up over it. I spent so good quality time with my daughter instead. LOL… she said I should have went!

In the last few weeks I have been getting my superhero geek on. Last year when I joined a gym they asked me what my fitness goals were. I told them I wanted to be a superhero. You know someday I am going to join a gym or health club that well go “COOL! We can do that for you!” instead of “Uhhh….. How about looking better?”

I almost scored Iron Man armor and that would have been bad ass, unfortunately I wasn’t able to pull it off. But what I did do was make a pair of sweats that look like the Iron man suit! Personally I think they are a fabric work of art more that anything else! While I was at it though I made a Dr. Strange hoodie. Dr. Strange is my favorite superhero so I had to do it, but in the process of making the hoodie I was also practicing for when I make the real Dr. Strange costume.

There are a couple of groups that do a lot of charitable events I may hook up with in the future. What is the use of taking on the persona of a superhero if you don’t do anything to honor the source material?

I am also looking at doing a supervillain and a henchman too! Pretty much for the same reason I am doing the superhero.

In Cowford we had our monthly meeting and it was quite good! I posted the details to all of the particulars so I really am not going to go into that here. I love steampunk! I love my crew! I am living for your Christmas party!

Thanksgiving isn’t my best time of year. I spend everyday grateful that I woke up. I have wonderful children and a roof over our heads. I am blessed to have at least three really, really good friends that get me by. I spend all my time acknowledging these facts to the appropriate particulars that I don’t think I should be pressured into believe this is a special time of year. Besides, bad stuff always happens around Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving holiday, I joke about, is the last time one half of my ancestry got along with the other half until my parents met. Yeah, that usually takes a little explaining, but I only joke about it with family so they get it.

I went to dinner at the home of some of my in-laws where I ran in to a “cousin”. I use quotation marks because I am still not sure what his relationship is… I got his mothers number and last night I called her. I am pretty sure I made my cousin-in-laws widow pretty happy. If I did then dealing with familial drama made the entire weekend worth while. I haven’t talked to her since Roberto passed and truly felt like a shit for it. She is one of the most gracious Mami’s I know and a real class act. If feel warm and humble for reconnecting.

Part of my Thanksgiving traditions is digging the tree out of storage and getting it set up the day after. I love Christmas trees! If I could I would leave it up al year. While we are at it I would leave up some of the Hallowe’en decorations up all year long too. I want a room of the house where my Christmas tree sits amongst the tombstones. The fog machine continually churns out… erg… fog. Where the howls of Rudolph the red nosed werewolf punctuate his eerie glow….

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