Friday, January 22, 2010

The Changing My Lifestyle Update!

I quit smoking today.

Starting my every other day run this week has helped out a lot. Mostly becasue I needed the body and the mind to be in agreement that something had to give, and the habit would be missed.

I have done pretty good with keeping the eating under control. I feel kind of guilty about last night though. When I got done running I was starving, and my daughter hadn't eaten yet so I took her to Subway. Now this sound rather beniegn but the fact of the matter is I violated my pact to live within my own means and to save half my meals for the next day. I dug out a credit card and stopped by Walgreens before we went to Subway becasue I neede to buy nicotine patches.

Today has been scheduled to be my quit day. The supplies my employer is sending me won't be here until Tuesday next week, so my choice was to put off my quit day or spend someone elses money at a high rate of interest. There was no way I was going to be able to not do my quit day today. It is too entrenched in my head to do other wise.

So I got a foot long meatball with extra pickles and black olives. When we got home I went ahead and packed up half of it for lunch today, but ended up eating it none the less. I am still maintaining that the diet aspect of the plan is going to be the hardest.

So there I am, the end of my first week of the plan, and the begining of my first day with out a smoke.

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