Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A little night music…

She sings me to sleep, but at some point gets me up again.

I give you the uncompromising majesty that is the lovely and talented Diana Krall.

Monday, March 22, 2010

60 Days.

Today is 60 days without a smoke! Two days ago I finally weaned myself off of the patch which is why over the weekend I went sports crazy. I played a lot of golf, I ran, I rode my bicycle with slight incident 25 miles, and costume geekage, and knitted club covers for my drivers.

I feel really good!

Friday, March 19, 2010

How was your day, Dear?

Normally I am loathe to just write nonsensically about the little things that go on in my life. I like looking at the macrocosm that makes up my fluid operating system.

But today I had the day off and the house to myself. The kids went to Disneyland and took their mother with them. So what did I do….?

-Woke up!
-Made coffee and a breakfast burrito!
-Sat in the sand and greeted the Sun as she made her way skyward.
-Non-Fished for a couple hours. (I don’t like eating fish so I don’t use hooks, but I still go through all the motions!)
-Picked up medicines for the Mother-in-law.
-Took the meds across town to her house and dropped them off. It wasn’t a strain to be pleasant today!
-Stopped by Harbor Freight, Radio Shack and Lowe’s for a new geeky costuming project I am working on!
-Went to the Windy Harbor Golf Club, hit a couple buckets of balls, practiced my puts and played the back nine!
-Went to the Viet Nam Vets Thrift Store and scored an old back pack! The pack it self is rotted but the aluminum frame is in awesome shape! I have the material to make a new pack and lumbar pad and it will be awesome!
-Ran four miles.

I am finally home. I have fed the animals and now I have to clean the house and change the cat litter. After that I am assassinating a large pineapple/ham/onion I have coming from Pizza Hut.

So tell me… how was your day, Dear?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It’s the end of the world….

I didn’t realize that in the aviation industry we had fashion faux pas.

I have had three guys, two mechanics and a pilot ask me why I was wearing a Ghostbusters ball cap and an Green Lantern sweat jacket. If only they knew what underwear I had on….

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Tribute to the Greatest Actor of All Time.

James Hong.

In watching Balls of Fury again the other night I got to reflecting on how fearless a performer James Hong is. I sat there for a long time afterwards thinking about his body of work and I couldn’t believe it. Naturally one turns to the IMDB to verify such things, and he was in things I completely forgot about.

You know, some of the flicks he was in were not the greatest, but he was never, ever, bad in them. (Operation Golden Phoenix. Not a bad action flick, but he played his role dead on, South Beach Academy, played for yucks, but you still feel the emotional underpinnings of the part.) His work is sterling through out!
According to IMDB he has been in almost 350 works. He has portrayed, funny, evil, diabolical, dramatic, and the whole gamut of the human experience, and in ever single instance where I have seen him he was also believable. I can’t say that for most of those that share his craft.

He has been called one of the greatest Asian-American actors of our time, but the thing is I have a very hard time seeing any ethnicity at all. Sure it is obvious where his ancestry is at, but he doesn’t shove it thought you face. He is who he is. No hype. No insults to my intelligence telling me this is who he is. Unlike Will Smith who constantly makes a point of reminding of his ethnic origins even though it is pretty apparent to me.

Maybe it was because he didn’t come to the craft until later in life. After being born and raised in Minnesota, getting a degree in civil engineering and working in L.A. designing roads. I would love it one day if there was a James Hong Highway.
Now as an acting coach he is still paving the way for talent out there. Jeez… if I had a lick of talent in me I’d be a proud devotee of his schools!

I thank you Mr. Hong for your body of work and I look forward to everything you do in the future.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


After watching the latest... ummm.... special from the SyFy network I would have to say they achieved the same level of sub-par film making they usually do. Which is a shame becasue I really, really, really wanted to like this film!

To be fair, I only caught the last hour of the show, as I was delayed getting back to my digs. I liked that they film a movie set in Mexico, in Mexico. Generally Mexico looks a lot like Vancouver on SyFy. I hope they continue to go south for production purposes. I really liked the actress Iva Hasperger! I thought she had a lot of potential and in the future I would really love to see her as more of an action heroine type. Eric Balfour.... not so much.

Roger Corman makes a nice cameo! I didn't think the Dinoshark looked to bad wuring the underwater sequences. Obviously there were some extra suspension of disbelief going on wiht the computer effects integrated into the actuals. But not bad. At least with the dinoshark you can tell they tried.

All in all.... Far superior to Gosford Park! If Dinoshark shows up at Wal-Marts $5.00 bin I will most likely score it.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thank God! Some Geeks Get It Right!

You know... there are lots of people who do good works. I don't thing good works get enough air time or media coverage. I can go and get all of the sensationalized accountings of sex, and greed, and corruption I want to for free from Fox News, but I have to pay for content from The Good News Network.

I always see someone doing something nice for someone or the community because I keep my eyes open and my preconceptions at rest. When I read the papers I look at the community events section to see what organization has what going on and there is a lot of great stuff going on.

But I am a geek.

Being a good guy in this world that the mass media muckrakers would not have me believe is really a great place to live isn't weird enough for me. I need to do it in costume.

So I was reading the other day about how many units of blood was donated at Dragon Con last year and how much money was raised and I started noticing things.

Ghostbusters that actually hunt ghosts.

Real Life Superheroes. I found this group when I was looking up alternative superhero characters. It turns out the only thing that makes these good people who do good deeds any different than other good people who do good deeds are they do it in costumes of their own design. Much like fictional supers wear disguises to hide their identities so do they.

There is the 501st arguably one of the greatest costuming fan groups out there, but all of the good work they do isn’t based around what their genre is all about. They do not actively suppress a rebellion and destroy planets and part of their activities.

There are also the Can’t Stop the Serenity events that various Browncoat organizations have going on to support Equality Now. Still they don’t fly around in spaceships sticking it to the man. Good works still, but not conducted as the basis for their inspiration.

In my heart of hearts what I would desperately love to do was set up a Zissou Society team that not only added to the established mythology as set forth by The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, but did real oceanic ecologic activities also! I imagine a crew in red hats and Speedos cleaning up a beach, or taking acidification readings and analysis of marsh lands.

Truth be told, all of this has my head spinning. I just see so many ways to go with this train of thought. It is not that I believe it is the responsibility of every sci-fi costume geek out there to have to do something productive with their wears. It’s not. It is a purely personal reason to do what ever they wish. It is just for me I believe that the most important element you can put into a costume is the mind, body, and spirit of it’s occupant. If you are going to be a hero, then be a hero damn it! I didn’t notice this, but on days when I am wearing my Green Lantern sweat jacket I am much more perky, agreeable and all over the place helping out. This was brought to my attention by the guys I work with and confirmed by family and friends. I may actually put on my Zissou suit and go and pick up trash on the beach someday soon.

You will be kept posted…..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

7 mg

This morning. a couple of hours ago I placed a 7 mg nicotine patch on. I am on the next to last step of my smoking cessation program. The last step being remaining tobacco free for the rest of my life.

While my plan isn't a raging sucess at this point as I have not solved my finacial woes, lost a whole lot of weight, and don't look Hollywood hunky yet progress is being made, but I count as a major success is I haven't smoked!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Man-Child in Winter


The hardest part about this whole Clean-Up-My-Life thing is the living within my means aspect. I will admit it. I like to buy things. I like to eat well. I love to get my geek on. What I have been doing is instead of running out and buying something then worrying about what I took money from, or if I should have spent it on my daughter is I write it down and try to budget it like I would any other bill.

There have been some small successes along the way and I just have to continue to live frugal, and look for ways to generate more income. I have a couple of opportunities I am exploring. Well one I already started on, and the other two I am strongly considering.

First off I am selling Advocare now. Advocare are nutritional supplements for athletes, people that want to loose a little weight, or anyone that really wants to just feel better. I have started using some supplements that help cleanse the body of toxins, and a product that encourages joint health.

I have high hopes for the joint health because quite frankly I am not young and I have had a lot of damage that is impeding my work outs. Most notably the knee I had surgery on, and the rotator cuff I tore that never healed the way it should have.

I will let you all know how it works out but first and foremost I want to see how the products work before I start selling them part time, and possibly sharing the wealth.

I am thinking about setting up a Café Press store. We all know I love to geek! Geeking rates right up there with good loving. I belong to an online community called The Steampunk Empire, and with in the empire I started a couple of groups. One is for the aficionados of the undersea world as inspired by 20,000 Leagues beneath the Sea, and another group that takes much glee in the Victorian visions of space travel. I created logos for these groups, made iron on transfers and produced a couple of t-shirts to see how they look. Pretty SWEET! In looking at Cafe Press, digging up some other designs I have come up with over the years I am pretty sure I can generate a small income, and unleash my creative spark but having this art printed on shirts, hats, mugs, and steins.

My other potential income opportunity I am not going to go into here….


I do have an appointment now with the FAA to receive my temporary license and get permission to take the Senior Parachute Riggers exam on April 16th.

I also stopped by the Post Office and picked up a passport renewal form!


I model as a hobby. I started of just goofing around with lifestyle and fashion work, but as my costume creations became, quite frankly, better made and more complicated I wanted decent pictures of them. So the last year it has been working my personal costume epics. In the beginning I needed modeling to show off my costume, but now I need costumes to further my modeling. Funny how that wheel spins!

Right now though I am involved with a Browncoat group. Browncoats being hardcore fans of Joss Whendons Firefly/Serenity productions. Once a year this group like many others put on an event called can’t Stop The Serenity, which creates a festival culminating with a showing of the film Serenity. All proceeds for the extravaganza go to Joss Whendon’s charity of choice Equality Now.

Equality Now supports human rights for women worldwide. Not just equal rights but the right not to be violated, of have their genitals mutilated or any number of heinous acts that are degrading and violent to women.

Naturally my geek is an immersion based geek so I have to create a character, costume, back story, and even some fan fiction. I am looking at ways to pull off a photo shoot also.

I am passionate about the film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. This work speaks to me on so many levels. But mostly about a man who has had a full life and is coming into winter. Like the protagonist, I often find myself wonder what have I really accomplished. I know, he knows, and still have to consider if the life of being a Man-Child was all worth it.

So my Man-Child made a Zissou costume as soon as the film came out and haven’t worn it except to get pics in the backyard. (I even have a baby blue Speedo!) The other day I sat down with the DVD and cataloged ever marine creature, location, and major event in the film. Then I started looking for other Zissou fans to no avail. Recently I had a wonderfully talented model contact me through my wardrobe designer page on Model Mayhem wanting to collaborate on one of my costume epics and right now I have a fever to do a Life Aquatic photo shoot.

Because I have daughters Equality Now speaks to me. I never wish to see my children go through what many women around the world have to endure, and I spent the best parts of my life raising them to believe they can become anybody they want to without having to be a second class citizen and I believe between their mother and I we are successful.

Because I am a water baby, being a swimmer at times, a diver, the world’s worst surfer, a water survival instructor, a former volunteer at the Cousteau Society, and a retired Navy veteran I have a passion for the seas. What breaks my heart are marine mammal entrapments. Creatures that get caught in the garbage we dump in the oceans.

I won’t go into the specifics about this atrocity, but know that it is prevalent and that it is starting to affect human beings now too.

So if I can combine geek, art, and a social statement, then I will!


I am sorry I did what I did. Most of all I am sorry not so much for enjoying it but for not acting like I didn’t. I am sorry. It was never my intention to be malicious, or violating and for that there is a special place in Hell for me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wishing Upon Mars.

So the other night I was out trying to get a good look at our red neighbor with little luck. Light pollution was at its worst for some reason and as much as I would have LOVED to leave the driveway I had an appointment coming over to the house.

But in looking at Mars with the naked eye, wishing I was there, I decided on a couple of things.

This being the year I am changing my lifestyle and all, I should proabaly do a coulpe of things I have needed too. First off, I need a passport. Need that for a Mars trip after all.

Next, I am going to finally get my FAA Senior Parachute Riggers Ticket. I've been covered by a contract for years to do what I do, but I think it is now time I get my external bonifides in order. Not that I need that to go to Mars, but there have been plenty of parachute systems intrumental in delivering our earthborne mecha there.

New blog I am in love with! Undrowning. you can find it on my links, but I often feel like the author does. Except she uses swimming a the catharsis for her growth. Which brings me to a movie I am in love with, The Big Bad Swim. Fantastic small film that deals with issues the same way.

Then there is The Competitive Girls Swim Team Vs. The Unliving Dead....