Sunday, March 14, 2010


After watching the latest... ummm.... special from the SyFy network I would have to say they achieved the same level of sub-par film making they usually do. Which is a shame becasue I really, really, really wanted to like this film!

To be fair, I only caught the last hour of the show, as I was delayed getting back to my digs. I liked that they film a movie set in Mexico, in Mexico. Generally Mexico looks a lot like Vancouver on SyFy. I hope they continue to go south for production purposes. I really liked the actress Iva Hasperger! I thought she had a lot of potential and in the future I would really love to see her as more of an action heroine type. Eric Balfour.... not so much.

Roger Corman makes a nice cameo! I didn't think the Dinoshark looked to bad wuring the underwater sequences. Obviously there were some extra suspension of disbelief going on wiht the computer effects integrated into the actuals. But not bad. At least with the dinoshark you can tell they tried.

All in all.... Far superior to Gosford Park! If Dinoshark shows up at Wal-Marts $5.00 bin I will most likely score it.


  1. I was in that movie!
    I was on the water polo team and was the one who got eaten in that scene!
    Iva was a complete diva. She thought she was hot stuff, and to be honest she really wasn't.
    Eric was a little better, and Aaron Diaz was stuck up. (of course, nothing against these actors. This is just my personal opinion)
    It was filmed in Nuevo Vallarta, Nayarit, Mexico, and was shot in a 5 week period.
    We actually just wrapped Corman's next project, Blood Coast, that will be released sometime in 2011.
    All in all, this has been a rather epic year for Corman!!

  2. Sweet! I had read that from over at When Monsters Attack! I had you pegged for the brunette that was playing volleyball on the beach and then was eaten when she swam to the paddle boat. Now when I score the DVD I am going to have to frame-by-frame it to see you!

    Did you get a more “meaty” role in Blood Coast? Gotta love Mr. Corman’s style!

  3. hahaha nice!
    No, the brunette is a pin up girl with... enhancements lol
    It was a very fun role to play, getting eaten.

    As for Blood Coast, I opted out of a 'real' role, as health and time didn't really permit.
    However, one day I took some friends up to set so they could be extras and I could say hi to the crew, and I ended up getting eaten!
    I couldn't believe it haha. I've been eaten 3 times already.
    And I was just killed off in a short film that a friend did for her cinematography class.

    Good stuff!

  4. ...Oh... I dind't notice the..erg... enhancements....

    LOL... so for not taking a real part in the film you get to be eaten!!! Grin... Can you please put up pics of this! We need a "Kenzie Gets Eaten Gallery"

    Your humor rocks!