Friday, March 19, 2010

How was your day, Dear?

Normally I am loathe to just write nonsensically about the little things that go on in my life. I like looking at the macrocosm that makes up my fluid operating system.

But today I had the day off and the house to myself. The kids went to Disneyland and took their mother with them. So what did I do….?

-Woke up!
-Made coffee and a breakfast burrito!
-Sat in the sand and greeted the Sun as she made her way skyward.
-Non-Fished for a couple hours. (I don’t like eating fish so I don’t use hooks, but I still go through all the motions!)
-Picked up medicines for the Mother-in-law.
-Took the meds across town to her house and dropped them off. It wasn’t a strain to be pleasant today!
-Stopped by Harbor Freight, Radio Shack and Lowe’s for a new geeky costuming project I am working on!
-Went to the Windy Harbor Golf Club, hit a couple buckets of balls, practiced my puts and played the back nine!
-Went to the Viet Nam Vets Thrift Store and scored an old back pack! The pack it self is rotted but the aluminum frame is in awesome shape! I have the material to make a new pack and lumbar pad and it will be awesome!
-Ran four miles.

I am finally home. I have fed the animals and now I have to clean the house and change the cat litter. After that I am assassinating a large pineapple/ham/onion I have coming from Pizza Hut.

So tell me… how was your day, Dear?

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