Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Man-Child in Winter


The hardest part about this whole Clean-Up-My-Life thing is the living within my means aspect. I will admit it. I like to buy things. I like to eat well. I love to get my geek on. What I have been doing is instead of running out and buying something then worrying about what I took money from, or if I should have spent it on my daughter is I write it down and try to budget it like I would any other bill.

There have been some small successes along the way and I just have to continue to live frugal, and look for ways to generate more income. I have a couple of opportunities I am exploring. Well one I already started on, and the other two I am strongly considering.

First off I am selling Advocare now. Advocare are nutritional supplements for athletes, people that want to loose a little weight, or anyone that really wants to just feel better. I have started using some supplements that help cleanse the body of toxins, and a product that encourages joint health.

I have high hopes for the joint health because quite frankly I am not young and I have had a lot of damage that is impeding my work outs. Most notably the knee I had surgery on, and the rotator cuff I tore that never healed the way it should have.

I will let you all know how it works out but first and foremost I want to see how the products work before I start selling them part time, and possibly sharing the wealth.

I am thinking about setting up a Café Press store. We all know I love to geek! Geeking rates right up there with good loving. I belong to an online community called The Steampunk Empire, and with in the empire I started a couple of groups. One is for the aficionados of the undersea world as inspired by 20,000 Leagues beneath the Sea, and another group that takes much glee in the Victorian visions of space travel. I created logos for these groups, made iron on transfers and produced a couple of t-shirts to see how they look. Pretty SWEET! In looking at Cafe Press, digging up some other designs I have come up with over the years I am pretty sure I can generate a small income, and unleash my creative spark but having this art printed on shirts, hats, mugs, and steins.

My other potential income opportunity I am not going to go into here….


I do have an appointment now with the FAA to receive my temporary license and get permission to take the Senior Parachute Riggers exam on April 16th.

I also stopped by the Post Office and picked up a passport renewal form!


I model as a hobby. I started of just goofing around with lifestyle and fashion work, but as my costume creations became, quite frankly, better made and more complicated I wanted decent pictures of them. So the last year it has been working my personal costume epics. In the beginning I needed modeling to show off my costume, but now I need costumes to further my modeling. Funny how that wheel spins!

Right now though I am involved with a Browncoat group. Browncoats being hardcore fans of Joss Whendons Firefly/Serenity productions. Once a year this group like many others put on an event called can’t Stop The Serenity, which creates a festival culminating with a showing of the film Serenity. All proceeds for the extravaganza go to Joss Whendon’s charity of choice Equality Now.

Equality Now supports human rights for women worldwide. Not just equal rights but the right not to be violated, of have their genitals mutilated or any number of heinous acts that are degrading and violent to women.

Naturally my geek is an immersion based geek so I have to create a character, costume, back story, and even some fan fiction. I am looking at ways to pull off a photo shoot also.

I am passionate about the film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. This work speaks to me on so many levels. But mostly about a man who has had a full life and is coming into winter. Like the protagonist, I often find myself wonder what have I really accomplished. I know, he knows, and still have to consider if the life of being a Man-Child was all worth it.

So my Man-Child made a Zissou costume as soon as the film came out and haven’t worn it except to get pics in the backyard. (I even have a baby blue Speedo!) The other day I sat down with the DVD and cataloged ever marine creature, location, and major event in the film. Then I started looking for other Zissou fans to no avail. Recently I had a wonderfully talented model contact me through my wardrobe designer page on Model Mayhem wanting to collaborate on one of my costume epics and right now I have a fever to do a Life Aquatic photo shoot.

Because I have daughters Equality Now speaks to me. I never wish to see my children go through what many women around the world have to endure, and I spent the best parts of my life raising them to believe they can become anybody they want to without having to be a second class citizen and I believe between their mother and I we are successful.

Because I am a water baby, being a swimmer at times, a diver, the world’s worst surfer, a water survival instructor, a former volunteer at the Cousteau Society, and a retired Navy veteran I have a passion for the seas. What breaks my heart are marine mammal entrapments. Creatures that get caught in the garbage we dump in the oceans.

I won’t go into the specifics about this atrocity, but know that it is prevalent and that it is starting to affect human beings now too.

So if I can combine geek, art, and a social statement, then I will!


I am sorry I did what I did. Most of all I am sorry not so much for enjoying it but for not acting like I didn’t. I am sorry. It was never my intention to be malicious, or violating and for that there is a special place in Hell for me.

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