Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thank God! Some Geeks Get It Right!

You know... there are lots of people who do good works. I don't thing good works get enough air time or media coverage. I can go and get all of the sensationalized accountings of sex, and greed, and corruption I want to for free from Fox News, but I have to pay for content from The Good News Network.

I always see someone doing something nice for someone or the community because I keep my eyes open and my preconceptions at rest. When I read the papers I look at the community events section to see what organization has what going on and there is a lot of great stuff going on.

But I am a geek.

Being a good guy in this world that the mass media muckrakers would not have me believe is really a great place to live isn't weird enough for me. I need to do it in costume.

So I was reading the other day about how many units of blood was donated at Dragon Con last year and how much money was raised and I started noticing things.

Ghostbusters that actually hunt ghosts.

Real Life Superheroes. I found this group when I was looking up alternative superhero characters. It turns out the only thing that makes these good people who do good deeds any different than other good people who do good deeds are they do it in costumes of their own design. Much like fictional supers wear disguises to hide their identities so do they.

There is the 501st arguably one of the greatest costuming fan groups out there, but all of the good work they do isn’t based around what their genre is all about. They do not actively suppress a rebellion and destroy planets and part of their activities.

There are also the Can’t Stop the Serenity events that various Browncoat organizations have going on to support Equality Now. Still they don’t fly around in spaceships sticking it to the man. Good works still, but not conducted as the basis for their inspiration.

In my heart of hearts what I would desperately love to do was set up a Zissou Society team that not only added to the established mythology as set forth by The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, but did real oceanic ecologic activities also! I imagine a crew in red hats and Speedos cleaning up a beach, or taking acidification readings and analysis of marsh lands.

Truth be told, all of this has my head spinning. I just see so many ways to go with this train of thought. It is not that I believe it is the responsibility of every sci-fi costume geek out there to have to do something productive with their wears. It’s not. It is a purely personal reason to do what ever they wish. It is just for me I believe that the most important element you can put into a costume is the mind, body, and spirit of it’s occupant. If you are going to be a hero, then be a hero damn it! I didn’t notice this, but on days when I am wearing my Green Lantern sweat jacket I am much more perky, agreeable and all over the place helping out. This was brought to my attention by the guys I work with and confirmed by family and friends. I may actually put on my Zissou suit and go and pick up trash on the beach someday soon.

You will be kept posted…..

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