Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wishing Upon Mars.

So the other night I was out trying to get a good look at our red neighbor with little luck. Light pollution was at its worst for some reason and as much as I would have LOVED to leave the driveway I had an appointment coming over to the house.

But in looking at Mars with the naked eye, wishing I was there, I decided on a couple of things.

This being the year I am changing my lifestyle and all, I should proabaly do a coulpe of things I have needed too. First off, I need a passport. Need that for a Mars trip after all.

Next, I am going to finally get my FAA Senior Parachute Riggers Ticket. I've been covered by a contract for years to do what I do, but I think it is now time I get my external bonifides in order. Not that I need that to go to Mars, but there have been plenty of parachute systems intrumental in delivering our earthborne mecha there.

New blog I am in love with! Undrowning. you can find it on my links, but I often feel like the author does. Except she uses swimming a the catharsis for her growth. Which brings me to a movie I am in love with, The Big Bad Swim. Fantastic small film that deals with issues the same way.

Then there is The Competitive Girls Swim Team Vs. The Unliving Dead....

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