Monday, April 26, 2010

"Kill the bad guy. Save the girl. Steal a spaceship!"

Picture if you will... you have just successfully lead a revolt of alien miners on a far away planet. One that you crashed your ship into weeks before and thrown into the pits with.

Your allies, aren’t. Your enemies, still are. Your rescued miners need constant adult supervision. She-Whom-You-Were-Hoping-To-Get-Hooked-Up-With, was just taken away to another planet by your Nemesis.

The conversation went like this:

Fellow Earthman (Who thinks you are nuts, wishes you wouldn’t have started the revolt, and now wishes you would stop taking credit for it’s success): What do we do now?!?!?!?!”

You swagger, looking for a way off this planet and onto the next: Kill the bad guy. Save the girl. Steal a spaceship!

Fellow Earthman: Who do you think you are?!?!?!? Steven Seagal!?!?!?!?

You: No! I’m Benny Leibowitz!

Thus was the climax of this years Live Action Role Play of Stargate SG-1 hosted by Stargate Atlanta this year. With in the next our after this exchange I was captured, tortured, and got blown up taking out an alien battle tank and its soldiers.

Still… accomplishing zero out of three ain’t bad! Getting tied to a chair and beaten with Nerf clubs was just icing on the cake. Grin… something I learned in Boy Scouts was it isn’t a great camping trip until someone gets tied to a tree!

I will shut up and let the pictures that can be found at do the talking.


Kill the bad guy...

Got him right where I want him!

...Save the girl...

Of course she may have objections to her rescue....

...Steal a Spaceship.

It may look like a hihgly-advanced tactical space fighter but it drives like a golf cart!


  1. Buzz, this is hilarious! What an amazing weekend. A lot better than mine, as I'm still bedridden!

  2. Yes it was! I am sorry to hear that yours was so bleak! Go out and get your geek on!It's quite theraputic!