Monday, May 10, 2010

God Speed Mr. Frazetta.

There are a lot of people who inspire me, my art, my imagination, and the general sense of adventure I get.

There are very few that influenced me. Influenced who I am.

Frank Frazetta was, is, one of them.

When I was very young I liked to put everything in a box, figuritivly and litterally, and it had to be that way becasue I could deal things better when they were someplace I knew and could control. It drove my parents and teachers nuts.

Then one day I discovered the illustrations of Frank Frazetta. Such fire, such passion, such UnContained talent! The entire width and bredth of the universe opened up for me in a few short moments!

Thank you Mr. Frazetta for helping me to see that there is more to the world than what I am actually looking at.

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