Saturday, May 8, 2010

My quote of the week.

Before we get to the brightest thing to be spewweed out of my skull this week let me reflect on this...

Coming back from a morning at the driving range at the Naval Station Mayport there was some clown walking down Mayport Road. An honest to God clown at 9:00 am walking down the street. Having been stationed at Mayport before and making frequent sojourns there over the past many months I am used to seeing wierdness there.

But I have never seen a clown. In the breif time I saw from the light I was stopped at he chatted up a couple of homeless guys, a group of people waiting on a bus and the button you push at a crosswalk in the vain hope it turns the lights for you.

Welcome to Saturday mornig Buzz Ryan!

I went to the vet hospital where I picked up most of the rescued animals in my care to get so special cat food, because most of the felines on my stead all have urinary issues and need a special food.

Plus I have a freind that works there. A very intelligent, energetic, possitive, and if I dare say HOT, freind. She asked me how it was going and I said my quote of the week. I guess it may make more sense if you know the context is which it flew out of my head.

I said, "If it wasn't for golf, bicycling, reggae, and God I would have lost my mind by now!"

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