Friday, May 14, 2010

Pushing Metal.

I have a new bicycle. "New" meaning I bought it used off of one of the guys in my cycling club, when his wife bought him the mother of all road bikes. I love his wife. Because she spoiled him I got a much needed upgrade!

My old one has served me well, but we are no longer compatable for each other. I shall add her to my samll fleet of bicycles and take her off of the wall when I just want to bang around, but no longer will I be using her for these really long and fast runs we used to do.

No, my new ship is a Trek 1000 and a few minutes ago I installed the clipless pedals, and for the first time ever, clicked into the bike. Not slip my feet into the toe cages, but mechanicaly attatch myself to this machine. I nearly had an orgasm....

Because I think of bicycles as spaceships, you know this dear flolowers and lurkers, I can only relate the experience like this. In some space operas the ships pilot plugs his/her brain and nueral net into the ships computer. In this case I connect to my ship through the balls of my toes. I am the power plant, the guidance system, the sensor suite, and the communications system. My bicycle is the motor, the computer, flight controls, and the airframe. Where my feet connect to the pedals, that is the matter/anti-matter chamber. Thats where potential energy converts to kinetic and BAM!!! I am movining!

Before sitting down to write this I have spent the last half hour practicing engaging and disengaging the toe clips. I am sure some adjustments need to me made, but I will play with those on Sunday when I got out for the really long ride.

I look forward to this adventure!

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  1. Alright.. I am jealous of your Trek. Nice bikes.