Friday, June 18, 2010

WHEN I win the lottery

I am going to, by priority:

-Pay off my debt.

-Split the winnings four ways between the kids, their mother, and myself.

-Set up trust funds to pay fo the kids, and all of my nephews and nieces colleges.

-Fix up my frined Jays house.

-Help out my friend Mark with his debt load.

-Buy my own house with a pool and a workshop.

-Match whatever I pay for a new car with a donation to the Wounded Warrior fund.

-Take my friends on a cattle drive/dude ranch.

...and probably have to keep working after all of that.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Becasue every Star Wars Geek needs a cantina!

I love this place!

The Burrito Cantina at 22 Seminole Road in Atlantic Beach Florida.

Great food, good drinks, and including Jennifer the best staff anywhere!

I eat here like twice a week and you should too!

You can visit them online but the experience isn't going to be the same.

(904) 246-2000


Admitting you have a problem is the first step...

I love spacesuits!

There I said it. Over the years I have written many writings about spacesuits and my utter fascination, ne... fetish, for them. Sadly, over the course of time and periods of manic iHousekeeping I purged those writings from several blogs journals and what not with out saving or backing them up.

Professionaly I work with aviation life support and survival systems. Parachutes, life rafts, survival kits and items, ejection seats, and oxygen systems so it is understandable that I would have a affinity for spacesuits.

It all started when I was a kid. Robert Heinlien's Have Spacesuit Will Travel. I made my first spacesuit when I was 12 and it freaked my mom out when she saw me wandering around the house it it. She thought I was an alien. Personally I think that proved I was adopted, much to her persistant protestations!

I wanted to travel. I wanted out of Ohio and my imagination was the ticket out. Yet curiosity to this day drives me so I have compliled books and drawings and blueprints about spacesuits. As far as real space science and engineering goes I have more source material concerning this topic that any other.

I am a fanboy too.... so I made my own. It's a work in progress.

Remaining true to my inner 12 year-old I wear this around the house to when no one is around. I am fat and a traditionalist so I stuck with making something akin to modern era ensembles. Emphasis on fat. If I was in better shape or not so sqemish about tight clothing I would have made a replica of a Mecanical Counter Pressure spacesuit.

MCP's maintain the needed pressure to ward off a whole host of physiolgic atrocities. They do that by being skin-tight and using the suit and not what is in it to perform it's function. Traditional spacesuits are a bladder you wear that inflates to create the atmosphere to work in.

I found this picture at The Original Rocket Dungeon, ( )a site I am falling in love with and resonates with me on so many levels.

Here we have a traveller with her spacesuit and rocket.

Yes.. I've already admitted to being a fanboy, but there is a loose and tepid connection to this subject. Bathing suits are made from Lycra/Nylon which is the same material that Liquid Cooling and Ventalation Garment (LCVG) that astronauts wear under thier spacesuits to maintain a constant body tempeture are made out of.

The most exciting part of travelling for me is packing. Packing is the essence of adventure! The things I take are indicitive of the events I am going to be partaking! If it's the back pack and tent I am packing I am camping. If I am crating my telescope I am plannig on stargazing.

If I had to prep a spacesuit... it means I am going to space. That excites me!