Saturday, July 10, 2010

We Don't Own It.

So... my brother, I do have one of those, likes to bait me with accusations of extreme liberal bias. So in the first conversation I had with him in years he brings up global warming and environmentalism. Of course he knew I was going to bite on this one given my pat associations with such radical organizations as Greenpeace, The Sierra Club, and the U.S. Navy.

So I pretty much went off. I wish environmentalist would just be honest about the planet. Mass extinctions are a long part of our planets history and will until the Sun expands into our orbit and engulfs our small world. The good news is before that happens everything on the surface is going to be fried.

I want environmentalists to just be straight up and say we want to preserve the ecology so we don’t die prematurely by our own hand. If they were truly earnest in protecting the creatures of the air and land and sea then they would be pushing for a massive effort to migrate humans off of the planet and turning the Earth into a zoo.

So my brother is now accusing me of a conservative bias now. The thing is, yes, we are going to be extinct one day. One day the planet will be gone. So why does any of this matter? Because what matters is the way we live right now. Even on a individualistic level and not something as grandiose as world-saving, the important thing is how we live our lives in the moment. Yes, I loved drinking, smoking, and wanton sex, but in the long run it will pretty much destroy me. I choose to opt for the fading away scenario than the burning out.

Here is something else that I have been thinking about. I read something in passing some where that stuck in my head. I wish I could remember where, but it boiled down to human kind does not own space. So when you get right down to it we don’t own the land or the seas or the skies either. I mean I pay some guy a lot of money every month for my house, and pay taxes on the land it sits on, but I will never truly own my chunk of dirt and neither does he-who-has-me-bent-over-a-barrel.

The land will be here long after I am gone. I am just taking space upon it for the time being.

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