Thursday, November 25, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I am a WINNER!

Hello dear readers!

This is my caveat... I am writing this after a very late night or early morining depending on your persopective so no jokes about a novel contest winner making abundent typos, and spelling errors... snirk.... I am just to happy to wit to write about this though!

As you know I am participating in the National Novel Writing Month Contest, whose only criteria for success is to grind out a work that is 50,000 words.

Last night at my municipal writers group event The Night of Writing Dangerously I accomplished that goal thus enabling me the bragging rights as a NaNoWriMo 2010 Winner!

At the Night of Writing Dangerously we collected money to support the NaNoWriMo organization, an non-profit, that of course supports the annual contest but also youth writing, reading, and literacy programs also.

Now the reality sets in. My 50,000 words are a loosely connected rabble of letters strewn together in a semi-coherent mess. This is my primordial ooze! I can live with that, as this is the first draft.

I gave myself a moment of to bask in the glow of the accolades but all I have are 50,000 words, and now I have to write the story. I love a goal oriented challenge, but now the hard part begins.

I have to get it worked to the point where I will enjoy reading it, and I sincerely hope others will too. At birthday party for a friend of mine I gave her a gift coupon for an autographed copy of my book when I get it published.

Oh yes I went there! Published. I will be published one way or another.

Then after that I will be looking for movie rights and an action figure line!