Monday, December 13, 2010

Novelling Afterlife.

It has been two weeks after I finished the first draft of my novel, and without the pressure of the contest to accomplish the 50K word count in 30 days I feel a strange void. Sure it has something to do with the listless lack of a goal, but in the 30 days I met with other contestants at least twice week for a whole month and I found that I genuinely liked them. More than having a finished manuscript I thing the biggest bummer is not being in their company. I really miss the social engagement.
What I did do to try to fill in that void and do something for my well being is look for a new hobby I can get into. Running is hard on the already abused knees, it’s too cold and too dark for me to comfortably ride my bicycle, so I turned to the life aquatics. I was looking for an underwater hockey team, but we don’t have anything like that up here. I looked into some of the Masters swim programs but something wasn’t clicking then I had a vision pop into my head…


I have a very loose association with one of the actress’s that was eaten by the title character, Dinoshark, during a water polo match. The association is so loose I don’t even know her name! None the less the spectacularly lavish death scene popped into my head and I decided to see if there was a water polo league or something and sure enough, fate smiled upon me, and yesterday I went to my first practice. It was just as gruesome.

Not to go into too many details but I am back on Facebook and I wrote this as my status yesterday.

There were good valid reasons why I should not have joined a water polo team today. I am 47. I am out of shape. I quit smoking two weeks ago. I never played water polo before. BUT there was one over-riding reason why I did it anyhow.
I did it because I shouldn't. I'm a rebel like that.

It was fun! What an amazingly patient team! They let me scrimmage when I could and sit out when I was dying. By the time it was over I was beaten! This is going to be fun. I have to get ready because there are a bunch of tournaments coming up I want to be a part of, even if it means handing out water bottles.

The evil part of my brain wants to change the team name from the Makos to the Dinosharks…

I am really starting to develop an unnatural fixation on track suits. It’s got to do with the fact that I hate pants. I love Florida because I spend all my waking hours in shorts and a tee shirt. Sometimes shorts and a nice shirt. Yet with the weather as it is wont to do this time of year a chill takes to the air I am forced out of a lingering sense of self preservation to wear jeans everyday to work. I try holding you as long as I can but below 50 degrees I am miserable. So when I get home I jump into a pair of sweats. My sweats are nasty and I don’t like leaving the house in them so now I have to put pants back on. But now… I have discovered track suits. Sporty, warm, wind-breakable track suits. I would say I turned into my grandfather, but both of them wore coveralls of bib overalls their every waking moment. I am gonna score a couple pair for Christmas!

Here is a feeling I have been developing about the human body. Our bodies are gifts from God. Each and every one are perfect the way it is, and it is only human vanity that allows us to believe any different. To not take care of this gift, is a sin. So the smoking, the entropy (Yes Jay… I used the right word), the poor diet all took its toll, and it is time I start reconciling my grievance.

I saw the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert the other day, and while I have always been a big fan, I have never seen them. It was hard to keep myself restrained out of consideration for the patrons who thought they were in for a Christmas concert instead of a rock show. I really wanted to jump up and sing and dance and do all manner of primal unleashing! I was even trying to scout out a place in the venue I could do that at. What a fantastic show. They had a singer named Kayla Reeves who at the tender age of 17 sang a medley from TSO’s previous life as Savatage album Gutter Ballet, and like she was… she was indescribably AWESOME!!! I commented her talents were proof of God.

I did an incredibly fun photo shoot with some incredible artists! Bob and Mary Carver of Red Velvet Photography shot some awesome images and the ones I am posting were given the post treatment by them also! More will be on the way! A big time thank you to Kimberly Previtt for her bottomless patience with the weirdness that spins out of my brain!

I am already cooking up the next batch of weirdness!