Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Posted on Facebook September 4

So here is the plan. 7 September-I have two doctor visits. One, a physical I have put off for six years so we will see what kind of carnage is going on internally, and get chemicals. The other is for a specialist. 17 September- My quit day. Through the stop smoking program I enrolled in I get daily texts with encouragement and hints. I’ve also made my intentions as well known as I can with the Fa cebook event I posted. If I have to be honest here, I have been smoking since I was 15 and barely remember life without smokes. For those of you that never had what is life like and why did you never start. My problem is I don’t see an endgame here. It’s like I need to fill in the blank to the statement “I don’t smoke so that I can________.”

 September 24- Start swimming. I love running but it is murdering me. The years of abuse on my knees is finally catching up but there is with a little extra effort an opportunity to swim frequently. The pool is not convenient to get to but available. Three times a week is all I am shooting for.

That and not look fat in a Speedo.

 By this time whatever meds I am going to be on should be kicking in and I’ll know what kind of side effects I get to deal with before engaging in heroic physical activity.

A couple years ago I was shopping for a gym, and in at least three of the establishments I met with a personal trainer and they asked me what my fitness goals were. I told them I wanted to be a superhero. They wrote down I wanted to improve my health. Here is the deal. I am not worried about my health. I want to be more than I am right now though and that means if I want to be a superhero dammit I am going to be a superhero

 The first personal trainer I talk to that actually writes down that my fitness goal is to make me a superhero then I am probably gonna stick to that gym.

 Some other things I am up to in this latest push to save my life. I am going to make a superhero suit. Not sure if it is going to be Batman, Dr Strange, Bob they HYDRA Agent, Aquaman, Namor, or one of my own design but I am going to do it!

I am going to cut my hair too. I am sure you all have read enough.

 Thank you for listening.


 Posted on Facebook September 7

 So this is what I am looking at... High blood pressure and Low testosterone. Funny thing is I am like... Me.. low testosterone???? My mind may not think it is wearing out but the body is telling me something different! I am actually feeling good about all of this. I have a follow up in a month to review the lab work and figure things out from there. I was put on a no nachos ban.....

 Also posted on Facebook September 7

 Picking up a prescription from the specialist I have had an epiphany... I AM NO LONGER GOING TO BE ABLE TO EAT NACHOS AND ROLLER FOOD FROM THE GATE STATION!

 Posted on Facebook September 11

 I don't want anyone to think I am going to loose it. Just saying that right up front. After all I feel a responsibility as one of the Elder Geeks to serve as a cautionary tale.

The stress is building up. The plan was just to get a health check up, quit smoking and exercise a little more frequently.

Now there are a couple other things I have to do. Like wait in pins and needles to find out if I have hypertension, low testosterone and who the hell else knows what which could ultimately mean a complete change in the way I eat. It is all beginning to feel like I on Monday I become Buzz 3.0.

It's all a bit overwhelming. It's not like I can say at this point I'll punt the diet, or the exercise, or the cessation, or the eventual pile of meds I have to take off until I can deal with it on top of three jobs and scarce time for myself. It is all an interlocked system that if anyone component falters... well I falter.

I have a bunch of mechanisms in place so it's not like I am sitting around lamenting my fate. I am moving quite briskly lamenting my fate. I have an 8 week supply of nicotine patches, all of the information I need to join the pool at UNF, and have been reading up on WebMD about the possible conditions and treatments in case I do have hypertension, low testosterone, diabetes, erectile dysfunction yadda yadda yadda... and on top of that comparing diets for old guys. Right now it looks like the DASH Diet is in the lead. Gawd... I do not like fruits and vegetables. I can make pretty platters out of them but that is about it.

Scared? Much? Hells yeah.

Thanks for letting me share.

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