Friday, November 29, 2013

Embrace the Damage

I am beginning to embrace my damage. This is why.

Thanksgiving Eve when I was having a bad day my oldest, and her boyfriend, came and picked me up for supper. I was sitting on the steps of the porch when they pulled up to the curb in my seasonally appropriate London Fog overcoat and I dutifully climbed into the backseat. Along the way I asked if we could stop by K-Mart so I could get a space heater, and with a lot of “This is nice Dad…” I indeed got a nice one. Complete with fake burning log effects! We ate and after that they curbed me again.

I have never felt that old before….

Yet this is the exciting part. I decided to have my bad of misery culminating with the broken toe, but today I was going to start working on a plan. It began over a very nice sandwich and fresh fruit side at the Red Elephant.

MDB (My Daughter’s Boyfriend) asked me what my long term plan was. Insert blank stare… Then he asked me if I could do anything I wanted what it would be. I said, “Have my own show on the History Channel.” (Imagine me at my curmudgeonly best.) Then the unexpected happened.

He took me seriously. He asked me if I had a plan and of course I didn’t because I pulled that out of my ass, but the next thing that came out of my head was I needed to go to college and he asked if it was a necessary step, and I was “Hell YES!” and I explained not why I needed to but why I wanted to which sounded a lot like a need. Then I added I needed to get to the top of the diver field too. He asked if it was a necessary step and I was… well this was the trend that continued. In the end before I do my show I need/want/need to get a PhD in History, and become a master class diver and I have ten years to do it in. The questions and justifications went on and on, but I defended every point I made under the scrutiny of a worthy Devil’s Advocate.

Then he asked what I wanted to do with that.

Okay get ready… seriously this is written down in a series of unorganized thoughts in my notebook… I said I wanted to set up a foundation that rammed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) into the core curriculums of the Native American School system. I want them to build man-rated spaceships and go take over the moon. I want Apaches in the Sea of Tranquility, and I want Cherokees standing on top of Olympus Mons! (I know that’s Mars…)

This is the funny thing about all of this. It doesn’t sound crazy or unachievable to me.


I know it seems that way. I wasn’t even going to publish this. But this seems like a really good idea right now!

It is a great price to pay that I can give up on ever having a girlfriend...

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  1. I think you'd be an amazing teacher, btw.
    Also - how's that space heater working out for you in this frigid 'snow' storm?